Just read the NASA report about 7 new planet, all the size of our earth, discovered. Gathered around a star, All 7 planets are in the potential habitable zone. Guess what that means? 

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope found the planets around a tiny star called TRAPPIST-1. The telescope had previously discovered 2 of the planets in 2016 and 5 this year. 

So from what I gathered, the planets have liquid water which indicates that their host star is cool enough to allow liquid water thus allowing potential habitable   atmosphere. Also the planets are so close together that from the surface, one could possibly see the weather in the neighbouring planet. How cool is that. Next door Neighbours on a cosmic level! 

7 other planets just like the one we’re living on. How small are we in the universe’s grand scheme?  Maybe the conditions in those planets aren’t the same. Yet I can’t help thinking these are the ones we found today. How many others could there be? The cosmos is beyond our imagination. No matter how many times we map it out, something unravels and once again we are left in wonder. 

If these planets are officially stated habitable with safe atmosphere, could we ever say something like “I will follow you to Earth 6.” or “I’m going to see my mum on Earth 2.” Wow, I totally feel like I’m in The Flash series. 
P.S: Any errors and mistakes in the writing should be ignored. I, unabashedly don’t apologise. I’m not a scientist or an astronomer. Just a very curious person who might one day be killed like the cat. 

No dares today! 

Just love to fellow Earthlings. 


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