The old debate 

Technology is woven in the fabric of our lives. Everything made possible in a matter of few clicks. As a writer I’m chuffed with the opportunity to make myself even more lazy. What could be better than conceiving and executing an idea laying on a sofa of your living room? Life has become so easy all I have to do is unlock my phone and speak directly on the Notepad. I don’t even have to type, the voice recognition software does it for me. Takes minutes to put all your thoughts together edit them and share them with the world. Fascinating really.

We have so many options now Email, IM, DM, Text, Tweet they all get the job done. But, have you ever considered, Whatever happened to the art of letter writing? I wonder if people still practice calligraphy or if anybody is still conscious about their handwriting. 

Call me old fashioned but I think Letters are extremely personal and romantic. For nothing beats the feel of a paper beneath your hand and a pen between your fingers, twirling it around as you think, scratching the words out as you edit. 

Digital is common, manual is personal.I’d be delighted if someone wrote me a letter or made me handmade card.

Wishful thinking? I know, but what are we if not dreamers? 

What are we if not slaves of our own creation?

The more options we get the more confused we seem to become. 

Do you disagree? Something to think about. Anyway let’s try to break our mental barriers. Just for kicks write somebody a letter the old fashioned way. See where it gets you. 

I dare you. 



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