Two is better than one 

Discovered this in Kurt Vonnegut drawings. I found it fascinating. The conclusion I drew from this; Two nothings combine to make something which later, we’ll know as everything. Something along the lines of two is better than one, right?

It always made me wonder. As a child you hear proverbs like one bird in hand is better than two in the bush, only to grow up and be thwarted by Two is better than one. Maybe two is better just not when it comes to birds, huh? Okay bad joke. Couldn’t help it. 

I love how both these sayings are contradictory, yet they compliment each other by making complete sense. Confusing? I suppose this is the reason men find women infuriating. We say one thing while we mean the other. Honestly, where’s the fun in having to spell everything out for them? 

All of us are always trying to find answers, to make sense of things.If you look closely everything makes sense. The universe has a code, abides by the rules. It’s humans that have the tendency to complicate things. Maybe the beauty isn’t in answers. It’s in the questions. 

We are all sojourning in this earth. It’s a losing battle. Time’s of essence. So, stop the search and live fully. If you’re really open to the extraordinary you’ll learn that Sometimes nonsense is the only thing that makes complete sense.

Sometimes two ordinary things merge to make something extraordinary. It’s all about balance. Balance of nature. 



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  1. This time I choose “Two is better than one”.

    Post # I am that girl
    Wow!! 😱
    You are really that girl 👧🏻.

    This time not surprise haa, What’s your username? … 🙂 Just Kidding.

    The girl you think is born to please you. @ NO, Yes stupids do.

    Bitch, slut, tease, ugly, stupid, fat, flat, prude, fake, plastic, Whatever you label her, you label me too. This is what I mean by I am that girl, now you know. @ Couldn’t get that how you got this idea to tell about (every girl faces) that girl. (I mean, I can feel the tempo you explained)

    As I always say All men 👦🏻👨‍👦‍👦 are not same.

    Post # Four awards
    2nd Award, 7th fact …7. I want to write a book one day.
    You already started without knowing you. i.e., “thegirl196″

    Post # Race to the End
    And now we learn that humankind itself is chasing down the same path. @ How could that be happening? Because we dug our own pit 🕳.
    We have been proved the most powerful species on planet throughout history! @ Of course we are, The way of utilizing the power decides we have to be or not to be.

    Post @ Neighbours
    planets are so close together that from the surface, “Yes, always from the base surface(far from) evryting will be good, until they are near to us” one could possibly see the weather in the neighbouring planet. How cool is that. “It’s cool until neighbours are good to us” Next door Neighbours on a cosmic level!

    post @ Two is better than one
    When I saw this post pic, I thought you were trying to say some mathematical 📝 related stuff. After I read 📗, felt good. Hmm that’s how world goes 99% goes with looks than inner thing.
    Maybe the beauty isn’t in answers. It’s in the questions. @ “I like this” 👍🏻
    Sometimes nonsense is the only thing that makes complete sense. @ “This is superb only when nonsense makes sense”

    Keep going …💃🏻 … Manal …💃🏻… Keep going

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    1. Thanks a lot. And what you said about the book, I didn’t think of it like that. You’re right I suppose. I started it without even knowing it. Maybe I’ll pursue it now and actually take it to the next step.

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