What is love? I’ve spent years asking myself this. I don’t know what love is. I’m not going to claim to fathom it. As far as I know everybody has a different understanding of love. To some it’s friendship, devotion for others, some believe it’s a dream only to be adored from afar, and some breathe it like oxygen. Love exists in so many forms. Every act of selfless care you witness is love in disguise.

I’ve simplified my definition to the difference between unconditional and conditional love. A child’s love for his parents, a mother’s love, for a friend or your pets. It’s all there for a reason. You can always answer it with a because. Then comes love for a person you never knew, unexpectedly, irrevocably, it happens and stays. No matter how much you deny it or how different you both are. Love happens in spite of it all. This love has no conditions no because. It just is. This is the form of love that inspires poems, songs, art even stories. 

Though love feels like a spiritual act, the physical reactions to love are incredible. Your pupils dilate when you look at someone you love. Like they say it’s all in the eyes, windows to the soul. Your brain releases oxytocin which basically gives you comfort in intimacy and close proximity. Pheromones which explains why their body fragrance becomes familiar. It works stronger than a perfume attraction. Also dopamine is released which is a neurotransmitter, a chemical related to the reward-motivation behaviour. Increase in dopamine causes pleasure. So you can safely say love has more to do with the brain than the heart. Yet it doesn’t explain the connection to heart. 

In my language there are three forms of love. Pyar, which is the innocent love for parents, friends, family and even objects. Mohabat which is like true love. That happens only once in your life and you feel like you can’t live without that person. It’s mostly described as love between a couple. Ishq, unrequited and the highest form of selfless, unconditional love where all the lover wants is happiness for its love and nothing in return. 

English language has no divisions like that. Alternate words, yes, but no divisions. What is love? A question asked by so many philosophers, artists, writers. Answers that end up forming more questions. Maybe it doesn’t fall under the same umbrella! Love is different for everyone. In essence something deep down, we all think we deserve. A reward. Kindness. A little care. Devoted smile. From there on it branches out. 

For something so vast, so versatile, with so many implications. It’s ironic how there’s only one word in English dictionary to describe so many emotions. Love. So much burden on such a little word.




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  1. دراندرون من خسته دل ندانم کیست
    I know not who resides within my heart

    که من خموشم واو در فغان و غوغاست
    Though I am silent, he must shake and quake

    i truly got impressed by your definitions of love specially what you said about “Ishq” was so remarkable ! it reminds me some of “Attar” poems.
    i would appreciate it so much if i have your opinion on my related post on this matter ” sometimes”.
    wish you the best and hope to read more from you in the future.


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  2. At this age, i am too young to understand what true love is but you made matters easy for me , and it is indeed a touching article.Thank you
    And thank you for my first follow


  3. Let me share this very beautiful verse from the bible, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. For me, this is my definition of Love: 🙂

    “Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. Prophecy and speaking in unknown languages and special knowledge will become useless. But love will last forever!”
    ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:4-8‬ ‭NLT‬‬

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  4. As far as the Human heart is filled with emotions it is connected to Love.
    according to Einstein the relativity can’t be blamed for two people falling in Love
    Put your hand on a stove for a minute it will seem like an Hour and Spend an Hour with the person you love it will seem like a minute..That’s Relativity..!!!

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      1. Human nature is unpredictable sometimes.
        We feel love for our parents/brother/sister or friend is okay i think it’s a natural thing atleast we get to live by their side more often..but what about that single person who do not have blood relations neither he/she stays by our side more often.we get to see them once or twice a day or week still we are eager to see them and sometimes if we dont get to see them the day seems so long…

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  5. u have tried to make it quite scientific, almost all of us who write about love have fallen in love , for some its “mohabat” for others its “ishq” , which one do you think happens only once mohabat or ishq

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  6. khamoashio ko udaas na hone do, bhale na wapis lautke aao magar apni yaadon ko humare pass to hone do
    lamhe din saal sadiyaan beet jaye to kya gam apni mohbbat ki kashish ko humare naam to hone do
    ambar milta nahi kabhi dharti se magar fir bhi raaton me sitaron se pyar ka ijhaar to hone do
    duri bahot hai mujhme aur tum me magar fana hone se pehle apne husn ka didar to hone do
    har pal har katra jie teri mohbbat me, bahon me akar us mohabaat ko gulzar to hone do
    bahot chhoti si jindagi tere sath mili par un palon ko mere lie jannat sa khumar to hone do
    jab ayega kayamat ka din to dekhenge par abhi apni bahon ki kayamat ka hakdar to hone do. . . .
    this might define both


  7. Best described… such a wonderful said.. well friend love attracts two body and they got addicted to each other cause they got mentally something like food/smile either inner or outer. someone is not cared about anything including what is most important to do… they just needed their’s partner, they involved in silly things but they didn’t care of people’s opinion.
    When we fly without wings means something is there.
    Love don’t need anything extra but love is happy without something exta
    Love has fantastic bonds.

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    1. People here on WordPress have been very kind to me from the beginning. They are very accepting. So start by Trying to make friends. Some blog that you feel like you connect to or inspired you. Interact with people. That should help.


  8. Loved this! It’s funny though, because I always thought love might be too little a word for the feelings I’ve felt towards someone…maybe love is not encompassing enough to describe the emotions that come with it, yet what would you call something that makes you feel so alive, something that can kill you if taken away? What would you call that?

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    1. I agree with you which is why I wrote so much burden on such a little word. Cz in the end that’s all it is. A little word. But the hurricane of emotions behind it can’t be explained through it.
      Maybe the word we’re looking for is magic. And love is the closest thing to magic we have. I don’t know how else to explain the feeling you’re describing. No single word can constitute that much meaning.

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  9. Maybe we’re wrong… because the grief that comes when I ends is just that, grief. And the anxiety and nervousness that arise in the beginning are just that. So maybe love is just meant to describe the relationship you have with someone–and not the emotions you experience

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      1. You’re right…maybe love isn’t emotion, but a place you go to when you decide to be completely naked and vulnerable with someone even if they don’t return the feeling you still feel safe enough around then to be the person the rest of the world may not know, but only in that place, only in that state of being.


  10. I like to think of love in concrete terms. I know that we have all heard that love is an action verb, but I’d kind of like to get away from the mushy feelings we have for others, and think of it ONLY as a concrete term. I have told my son that love that a parent has for their child means that they will always do what’s best for them. If they don’t – then that’s not real love. Love that a child has for a parent will exhibit itself in obedience. Just my two cents. 🙂

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      1. Lol, I’m sure that I have oversimplified it to some degree. But it does help to draw clear lines, doesn’t it? I have discovered that I can even “love” my enemies, by treating them well. It’s an active way to love, and may not reflect how I really feel, but our actions certainly count for more than our feelings.

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      2. Can’t disagree about the actions counting more bit. It certainly is true.
        I think as long as those hard clear lines make it easy for you to understand and accept something, it’s not a problem! I, on the other hand, like a little mystery!

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  12. The three words you mention, pyar, mohabat and Ishq, they have their counterparts in Greek: storge, eros and agape. As you say, love is different for everyone..and there are some many factors that change not only our experience of love, but also our understanding of it. We wrote about love too, in particular about six ways of loving. If you want to take a look…

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