Mind over matter

Have you ever wanted something that was nearly impossible? I have. My want and need for it to happen got so desperate that it actually happened. 

Understand this; there are times when you want something but don’t need it, times when you need something but don’t actually want it or realise that you need it. Then there is a time when your want and need both are so passionate that every fibre of your being helps achieve it.  

That’s what happened to me. For 14 months I constantly thought about this event that I wanted to occur in my life. I strongly believed it would happen. Even though I was told it was impossible, it happened. Albeit late but it did. We all have heard people saying think positive and positive will happen. I never thought it actually worked.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

-Paulo Coelho; The Alchemist. 

Positive and negative vibes can actually be sensed. Whatever you choose to send out into universe is exactly what you get in return. You are what you believe. Which is why we are asked to believe in everything good. I recently read somewhere that the major reason behind diseases is the thought process. For instance if you have a fear that you’ll end up with diabetes because it’s in your family, it will eventually happen. How does this work? Mind over matter; the use of willpower to change the physical matter. Even without knowing it you’re changing your life by constantly thinking about something. 

I read this book The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown which talks about knowledge and how it’s the key to every secret. Another thing the book mentions is Noetic Sciences. What is Noetic sciences who better to answer than the President and CEO of Institute of Noetic Sciences Cassandra Vieten; 

“The noetic sciences focus on bringing a scientific lens to the study of subjective experience, and to ways that consciousness may influence the physical world.”

Even though Cassandra or any other member of the institute wasn’t mentioned in the book, all information was shared through a fictional character; Katherine. Throughout the book it’s explained how human thought has the ability to affect and change physical mass. The effects are multiplied if the thought is shared my more than one person. Well, now you know how an idea can literally change your life. 

Brown has mentioned ancient rituals and traditions that already practise and support this theory. If you’re not a believer, scientific explanations are presented as well. Quantum physics proves that physical matter isn’t solid or stable, in fact matter exists in a wave form. Thoughts are series of electrical impulses. A thought if focused, releases an a amount of energy. As told above the physical matter isn’t solid so the energy input must result in an increase in mass. Ultimately changing the physical matter. But only if the thought is focused. I suppose that explains how people walk on burning coal/fires. In their mind the fire is harmless and the energy from their thoughts  results in the body cooperating with the brain. Same goes for Spiritual healing, Spoon bending and so many fascinating things we haven’t managed to uncover so far. 

In short, thoughts determine the outcome of what happens in reality. Imagine turning an idea into something real just by focusing your thought on it. I doubt reading about this will turn you into a pro spoon blender but just think about it, you control what happens in your reality. Maybe not a big change but whatever comes your way, positive or negative, you’re the one choosing it. Remember that next time you get negative! 



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  1. But thought and visualization without some action wont work know.for example A farmer sitting on field and continously thinking about profits wont give him harvest he needed.at least he has to sow seeds and water them daily.i am not disagreeing with you but i am saying that action is as important as thought

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  2. Dear friend

    That’s why our thoughts have a potent power and influence on the “worldly atmosphere”, like a mirror of the world in which all our thoughts are reflected. Thoughts, as many poeple think, are a kind of wall between people to allow them to think negatively or positively – so many times we hide in thoughts and have even bad thoughts about others – all this has an effect, not only as a kind of thought-polution, but also – as everything is based on cause and effect (karma/reaction), it will also have a return-reflection on us… Thoughts are our roots of our words and deeds. From good thoughts, positive words will follow as well as positive deeds, actions. If we understand this all, then we can see how important it is, even to control our thoughts, not allowing them to use violence of any kind…

    Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend

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  3. I’ve always believed in the power of positive thinking – and I’ve lived a VERY blessed life. I have a dear friend and my husband is the same-they think the worst. My friend was consumed with avoiding the sun and chemicals to avoid cancer. She was one of the first people I knew who went all organic in her food choices as well as soap, shampoo, tooth paste and even deodorant. Me? I buy whatever is cheap. I’ve had more sunburns than you can count! I live in the sun. Guess who has had several SERIOUS rounds of cancer? Aggressive cancers. Multiple cancers and her life is in jeopardy from it? My dear sweet friend. She’s living her worst fear. Then she sees how reckless I’ve been (we’ve been friends for 30 years) and I’m virtually cancer free. Then there’s my husband. He’s also lived recklessly. But our difference is how we think-I’m positive and he’s negative. Now I’ll admit, I’ve always watched what I ate – I heard when I was young you are what you eat. I’m very healthy at 63. No medicine at all. My dear hubby? He just learned he has heart disease – because of how he eats!
    So theory seems to have some merit. But I think there is even more too it. But for a start, always think positively!!!
    Good post!

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    1. I think the more you fear something the closer you get to living it. But either way staying positive and having good vibes around is a good lifestyle. It gives you a certain hold on yourself, the rest of cosmic intervention. We just have to play our parts rights.
      I hope your friend and husband feel better soon.
      Thank you for sharing with me.

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  5. At the risk of getting lost in the shuffle of the massive replies to this post, let me say that I am too a fan of Dan Brown’s as well as positive thinking. We are surrounded in this world with people that just want to complain. There is power in positive thinking, and I believe humans have untapped powers resting inside their mind, just begging to be released.

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    1. Couldn’t agree with you more. Dan brown readers have a certain insight to this topic this making us more open to the idea. Usually the crowd follows practical approach that unfortunately doesn’t include this. If only they all knew.

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  6. I have successfully manifested many things that I thought of , I just had a thought for it a clear intention and it did manifested in physical form. The more positive the intention the more quickly it gets manifested I’ve tested and tried. Just say thank you for the blessings after your get what your want.

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  7. Mind over matter any day anytime. The material world we live in is nothing but a great collage of manifested ideas. It’s all in the mind. To think that we’d be closer to Nirvana if 7 billion minds unite in the common thought of a better world. . Thanks for spreading the consciousness, hopefully more people would start using this wonder called “mind” positively.

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  8. Very interesting post. I have always believed in the power of thoughts. I have read books on it before but never came across the concept of Noetic Sciences. Thanks for sharing it. Will read more about it.


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