Mind over matter

Have you ever wanted something that was nearly impossible? I have. My want and need for it to happen got so desperate that it actually happened. 

Understand this; there are times when you want something but don’t need it, times when you need something but don’t actually want it or realise that you need it. Then there is a time when your want and need both are so passionate that every fibre of your being helps achieve it.  

That’s what happened to me. For 14 months I constantly thought about this event that I wanted to occur in my life. I strongly believed it would happen. Even though I was told it was impossible, it happened. Albeit late but it did. We all have heard people saying think positive and positive will happen. I never thought it actually worked.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

-Paulo Coelho; The Alchemist. 

Positive and negative vibes can actually be sensed. Whatever you choose to send out into universe is exactly what you get in return. You are what you believe. Which is why we are asked to believe in everything good. I recently read somewhere that the major reason behind diseases is the thought process. For instance if you have a fear that you’ll end up with diabetes because it’s in your family, it will eventually happen. How does this work? Mind over matter; the use of willpower to change the physical matter. Even without knowing it you’re changing your life by constantly thinking about something. 

I read this book The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown which talks about knowledge and how it’s the key to every secret. Another thing the book mentions is Noetic Sciences. What is Noetic sciences who better to answer than the President and CEO of Institute of Noetic Sciences Cassandra Vieten; 

“The noetic sciences focus on bringing a scientific lens to the study of subjective experience, and to ways that consciousness may influence the physical world.”

Even though Cassandra or any other member of the institute wasn’t mentioned in the book, all information was shared through a fictional character; Katherine. Throughout the book it’s explained how human thought has the ability to affect and change physical mass. The effects are multiplied if the thought is shared my more than one person. Well, now you know how an idea can literally change your life. 

Brown has mentioned ancient rituals and traditions that already practise and support this theory. If you’re not a believer, scientific explanations are presented as well. Quantum physics proves that physical matter isn’t solid or stable, in fact matter exists in a wave form. Thoughts are series of electrical impulses. A thought if focused, releases an a amount of energy. As told above the physical matter isn’t solid so the energy input must result in an increase in mass. Ultimately changing the physical matter. But only if the thought is focused. I suppose that explains how people walk on burning coal/fires. In their mind the fire is harmless and the energy from their thoughts  results in the body cooperating with the brain. Same goes for Spiritual healing, Spoon bending and so many fascinating things we haven’t managed to uncover so far. 

In short, thoughts determine the outcome of what happens in reality. Imagine turning an idea into something real just by focusing your thought on it. I doubt reading about this will turn you into a pro spoon blender but just think about it, you control what happens in your reality. Maybe not a big change but whatever comes your way, positive or negative, you’re the one choosing it. Remember that next time you get negative! 



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  1. people’s thoughts make their actions. with positive perspective you can see beauty even in tough situations but this view is reachable by faith and reliance on God.
    For example when Yazid(Allah curse him) put the head of Imam Hussain(AS) by his throne and disrespectfully said to Hussain’s sister “Zainab”(SA), “look at the disgraceful way your brother Hussain (as) was killed” Zainab(SA) answered:
    I see nothing but beauty!

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  2. It always better to focus on positive then negative, like instead of my glass is half empty, look at it as my glass is half full. Being in a mind set that your almost there.

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  3. Positive thinking, and thought affecting the outcome, something close to my heart. I have recently read a quote (but don’t have it at hand) about how having a positive outlook may not always mean you always have a good outcome, but it means it is easier to see any silver linings, and also helps with creativity to overcome difficulties. Positivity and optimism attract more of each, and help with your own resilience, where as negativity and pessimism pull you down. It is wonderful to read that you have got closure, and have seen that mind does matter, and that thought has a powerful effect on us and our surroundings. A lovely post.

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    1. Life would be a lot simpler if we actually acknowledge that. Sometimes seeing the silvers lining is enough to keep you going. And that’s all we could ask for. I agree with you it sounds like a great quote. Thank you! I pray all my friends here get peace of mind for their unresolved matters as well.

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  4. The mind has the capacity to change reality the way you perceive it, it is a mind boggling power if you think about it. But that being said, is it true that the pessimistic always get the short end of the stick? Do they always end up on the receiving end? I think not. But it is rather more likely, I’ll admit.

    I know I am rather downhearted in my own self perception, but have not always been this pile of rubble, does this mean that my minds vision was wrong, or did my mask manage to convince others of the illusion I conjured up? I love the way this makes me question many things and makes me rethink other things I have thought to be set in stone.

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    1. There also a silver lining factor that only an optimist would see. So that basically explained why they attract positivity-because they want to. Sometimes the obvious things are most overlooked. So you always have to question everything.

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  6. it is true…….and forgive me for being “that guy” but our ancient scriptures talk extensively about it……..everything is energy…….and our mind is the sole key to this world that we experience……so it isn’t far fetched that every little secret, fear or, wish that we dump in it’s corner becomes our reality, eventually……..happy blogging!!

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      1. You can only control your actions……and sometimes not even that……..all we can do is be done with negativity so that it boosts confidence, eminate positive intentions that will refine our actions and believe…… So that we have hope…….to keep us working and stay on track

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  7. Are you really 23…😊😊😊…just inquisitive….your thoughts are pure and pristine and very optimistic…but thoughts are not always straight…it has bends and mends and trends…in this world of indifference everything comes with a cost and perhaps not exactly as you wish…. having said that one should always think positive and lo and behold Paulo Coelhos and Dan Browns will become a reality…😊😊😊

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    1. I turned 24 actually but the title change was too much hassle 😁. Anyway it might sound like I’m saying the brain and its thoughts are black and white, I’m aware of the shades of grey in between, I’m merely asking to choose or at least hope for the whites.

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  8. Food for thought definitely. What I cant understand is that if we all have this power why then are we facing WWIII, and the possible end of the world as we know it re global warming. Me. I am totally focussed, I have, metaphorically screamed, shouted, begged for the ordinary people of the world to get together to prevent both occurrences. Can we do it, if I am to believe what I have just read, then we can so lets do it, let say for one whole week we all focus our thoughts on world peace, and stopping pollution. Lets do it!

    Much respect to you and all who have comment,


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    1. I love the idea! I’m in for it! But that makes what 2 against 7 billion? That’s the thing. The reason we face wars. How many selfless people you know? Everybody wants the best for themselves even if means screwing other people in the process. It has to start somewhere right? Maybe you and I will be the firsts!

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      1. Okay, had a very enjoyable lunch, a nap, sorted some domestic chores and been a lot of thought to the proposition, First thing I am to is reblog your post, and thinking about that it would be a good idea if other folk of the same mind did the same thing! Then I am thinking a poll, (2), lasting a week, 1 voting on peace the other on pollution, asking all to focus their thoughts on both. Your serve.

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      1. You can ask your followers, likers to reblog, I have. I have also tweeted, Facebooked, and put it on Google. Haven’t checked the poll since the early hours when there were 3, on of which was mine, we’ll see. Your right though, definitely harder than expected, not giving up, that is a certinity

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  9. I have shades of grey mostly and days of black and white for me is passe….hahaha….but yes I still like to see the world in whites and never black….and want you young ladies to be very optimistic in their approach in life…you can change the thought processes of others….keep writing…keep blogging…😊😊😊😊

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  10. The law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.It is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from “pure energy”, and that “energy attracts like energy”.

    Look up this book “THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne” it’s an interesting read.

    xx Storyteller

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  11. I have to agree. Included in this is the fact that Dualistically we might say or think that we don’t wish to believe, for example, like the “Believer”, but what we are unaware of is that life itself assigned us already with a “Belief”. Yes, and we are sustained, given value by these subconscious, and part conscious ideals we support, hold to. So many things, if we only knew of, then we could reprogram self and achieve more.

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    1. There’s a popular theory about the Other self that basically explains how this negative self of us resides in the brain that is most popularly referred to as the devil. The devil is actually our other self. The only wall standing between us and our achievements.

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      1. Yes it’s just a matter of tags and labels. I see it for example as the void. And the void is death. And the void has to mirror itself because it is our source drive until we change over and it’s not a real life. And there’s much more to it but we will stop here for the moment and thank you. Words are just Necessary Things in order for us to put things into perspective, that they might become tools for what we believe

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  12. I agree 100%!!! When I have control over my thoughts, I can accomplish just about anything. It’s important to not feed into negative energy. It doesn’t help anything and brings more negativity. Great post! Let’s keep spreading the positive vibes!

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      1. I may have levitated after all. Three years ago I had a very low sodium level, went into seizures, my spirit seemed to leave my body because it was dying, it did not want to go back to die in that body. it even left the room for awhile. It seemed to last most of the night.

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      2. Things seemed to be on odd angles but clear, I my spirit seemed to return as the body organs slowly returned to a operating state, as if the spirit did not want to be trapped in the dead body. I must love life very strongly. what if the body had died? Would I be trapped in limbo somewhere?

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      3. Where the souls goes after the body dies is only a question we can ponder over but never have an answer to. Nobody comes back to give details. But yes I suppose you’re right.


  13. I call this SELF TRANSFORMATION. It is the ability to let go of impediments that (intentionally or unintentionally) create obstacles to achieving actions and goals. It is achieved when FEAR is no longer a prominent factor controlling one’s life. Congratulations on the personal experience. Use it to help guide you as you journey through life!

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      1. Oh right! Listen do you know to tag somebody? I read this interesting story and I wanted to tag you in it since I mentioned our poll there. But I didn’t know how to.


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