Clothes are us.Β 

Whenever you think about describing a person there are certain traits that pile up. Their name, appearance, facial features, hair color, personality and nature. Right? That’s how we characterise someone. But , If I ask you right now to describe yourself how would you do it? Probably give me a detailed paragraph, maybe a one worded answer like your designation or a relationship title. Like I’m a student, doctor, father of two, housewife. One thing that sums it all up right? 

But in truth We all have more than one personality. Sometimes we’re defined by what’s inside of us. Other times it’s defined by our clothes. Now I don’t mean anything superficial like designer or on sale clothes. I mean deeper than that. 

You change with your clothes. Example, put on your PJs and you’re oblivious to the worlds outside. Don’t bother how you look or how you’re siting! You’re free, you’re allowed to eat and spill! 

Come morning, you put on a Uniform- Be it school, army, airforce, other- the minute you put on uniform a certain amount of discipline is expected of you. Gone are the blissful drink and spill moments. You’re professional and accountable to somebody. 

Bring in a Sports jersey and suddenly it’s okay to pull, push, kick, grunt, shout, scream! Tis the sports! No pain no gain. 

Talking about pain let’s move over to White overalls-as seen on doctors, one extra layer gives them authority to probe, poke you with weird instruments under the pretence of “examining you”. Opening your mouth for a person in white overalls/scrubs is very normal. Would you ever let anybody else come close to you with so much as an injection? But a person in white overall and all your doubts vanish. *poof*. 

Evening comes and the Same doctor that probed you or fellow sportsman that kicked you, is found cooking at home with an Apron on. Setting the plates ever so gently on the table.

Let’s try a gala/dinner with Fancy gown/suit and the same people who stuff handfuls of popcorn into their mouth in their PJs, are found with cutting chicken with forks and knives into tiny little pieces and dabbing their napkins after every bite or sip. 

Throw in a party and the cheering sounds of chug chug chug echo around. If it’s a Halloween party and you’re in a costume you find yourself acting differently. Feeling like a kook and a total badass. 

It’s all about disguise. You feel more open in disguise. Sometime your clothes can give you certain amount of freedom you don’t treat yourself with otherwise. 
For those of you who know Shakespear must have noticed he often used disguise is his plays. 
“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts,”
One man in his time plays many parts! That’s us right now. We each have more than one identity. All of them demanding. 


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  1. Interesting! Your thoughts about work clothes means business and means getting serious and in the game (gets me in the zone). As soon as I get home I get changed. I cannot relax in work clothes. That mental shift is a real thing.
    Thanks for sharing – really insightful! Xoxo

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  2. not bad. best way i heard what you talking about here was from mr mister. song called uniform of youth i will not conform my norm is skewed screwed to some damn autistic wall. hoot! hoot!


  3. It’s very true. I often have a terrible time remembering a person’s face and name. To help myself with it, I usually describe a stranger by standout features and clothes. As for myself, I am somewhat self conscious about my image to others so I usually dress in a bushiness casual way outside and ,like you mentioned, care free at home. Costumes are a whole other game lol.

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  4. Masquerade!
    Paper faces on parade . . .
    Hide your face,
    so the world will
    never find you!

    …And when we stand naked, alone, before the mirror, do we know who we are then, without the costume to guide us?

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  5. The importance of clothing cannot be underestimated. Most people want a partner that looks attractive, yet many are not willing to step their clothing game up. So if we desire something in the world, we have to reflect the outcome we want.

    Good article.

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  6. Wow this was is a very good post. I agree people do have more than one personality and clothes do affect how we are and represent who we are.

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