I am That Girl.Β 

Someone recently asked me about my username. Surprisingly it was a girl that asked; Iamthatgirl? You’re that girl, Which girl do you mean? Better answer that carefully you know there are lots of kinds of girls you don’t want to be.  

Why though, you know you’re going to get labelled anyway so what’s the point. I know I’ve said I’m not that girl so many times in my life, but this time I say I am that girl. 

I’m every girl you tease or bully. 

The girl you call too clever because she knows what’s good for her. 

The girl labelled a rebel because she doesn’t submit. 

The girl you’ve bitched about. 

The girl who’s told she’d end up with a divorce thanks to her out of control tongue. 

The girl that has to fight for her right which wouldn’t be given to her otherwise. 

I’m every girl that looks in the mirror and sees flaws, that you point out. 

Or the girl who’s identity is only defined by the men in her life. Either her father or her husband. 

The girl you think is born to please you. 

The friendly girl that gets called a whore and the quiet girl that you call a tease, I’m both. 

I’m the girl that gets catcalls with her dupata or in jeans. 

The girl that gets compared to guys, never as their equal. 

The girl who might only be appreciated for looks not for her brains. 

I’m every girl that hides behind the walls she puts up to protect herself. 

The girl that diets, starves herself or who does squats and weight lifting to fit the image you call perfection. 

I’m the girl that carries the feeling she’s not good enough. 

Bitch, slut, tease, ugly, stupid, fat, flat, prude, fake, plastic, 

Whatever you label her, you label me too. This is what I mean by I am that girl, now you know. 

I’m my own person, I won’t allow being labelled to your liking. Not anymore. 

P.S the image belongs to a dear friend of mine. Instead of using my own I chose to use hers which felt appropriate. Thanks Aruba. 




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  1. Arlas? perhap you’d prefer some fine dedication to the Whitney Houston…. I’m Every Woman…followed by the Police’ King of Pain? have a feeling I’m smiling in a hyperbolic way…sniff the fumes! πŸ™‚ it’s called b.s. and such is the smile. hopefully that’s not the only things you are.

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      1. :)…what no crappy 80’s music?? πŸ˜‰ DRAG! I guess i’ll have to “tiptoe through the tulips” which sure doesn’t in any way fit this sentiment set at all but comeon! I only know so much music πŸ™‚

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  2. Bitch, slut, tease, ugly, stupid, fat, flat, prude, fake, plastic,Β …… This line provoked me to comment u have powerful appealing thoughts and emotions behind these words is outrageous dea…..

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  3. True story but that’s humanly normal to assign labels or adjectives to others and it’s not just about a girl or a woman. I do that to men too and I have been labelled too at times. Though I am the same person but labels were different by different people. But that’s their perception. Live beyond labels. As long as you define yourself don’t care about what others say for that’s totally their problem.
    Liked your thoughts and as someone said you aren’t alone in this, many people feel so.

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    1. The fact that we believe it’s normal, is just sad. We need to move beyond it. I said as a girls point of view cz I’ve seen it first hand. I’m sure guys suffer as well but for now I’m talking one problem at a time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  4. This shook me a little.We have all been given these labels at some point of life.
    Too clever because i can’t act all cute and stupid to please their male ego.
    Too heartless because i chose not to show how am i affected by him but too fake when i express openly.
    I am tired of these people around me who made me start to dislike myself.
    Kicked them out of my life because i like to think of myself as a bossgirl.Salute to a fellow one. πŸ˜€

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  5. HI, one day you will be that woman who doesn’t hear those comments, or care about those labels. That’s the only great thing about getting older! Thanks for sharing this and for stopping by my blog and taking a look:)

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  6. I totally get you…. I feel like that a lot. Being judged is unfair. Sometimes I hide my feelings. If you visit my blog… you might think…’This girl has no idea of what I’ve been through’ but I do. I just want to stay happy on the internet and forget about my offline life just for a second.
    Powerful words. I admire you

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    1. Internet is a good escape. Specially if makes you feel good, but maybe someday you will use your feelings for your writing instead of hiding them.
      I would never say this girl has no idea. Because we never judge by the cover. There’s a lot going under the surface that we don’t know.
      I will definitely hop over to read your posts. 😊

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  7. Ufff pagli rulaigi kia…
    Sorry for being so sarcastic but you are selling women like others do.
    And I wasn’t expecting this shit from you, I thought you are smart confident and wise to understand this cruel world.


    1. well, last time I checked, you’re a guy. Which means you basically don’t know what women face since you’re not one. Plus there’s nothing to sell here. Women aren’t stories to be sold for fame.
      Also, saying no offence to somebody before actually offending is a very stupid technique.
      FYI I’m smart, confident and wise but I still believe the world doesn’t have to be cruel in the first place.
      Thank you for your comment. Hope you have a great day.


      1. Girls always find sympathy, yyyyy??? in this century where she claim that she is equal to men, have you ever think what a man feel when a girl harras a boy or men????


      2. This is not a comparison. I never claimed to understand what men go through neither have i got the right to advocate. I’m talking about what I do know, which as you’ve already read is about women.
        No we don’t claim to be equal to men, in fact we are fighting to get a similar claim. We want to be equals. Which works both ways. If we are equal to men, men will be equal to us. Thus eradicating that competition that you brought up.

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