Night crawlers. 

To all the night crawlers out there. Do you ever lay down to sleep and stay awake for hours? The silence louder than a rock concert. Your thoughts having wings of their own, unashamedly flying around in their wild forms. You can literally hear them buzzing around in your head. 

The noise inside combined with the silence outside, gets unbearable. Trying to block it out, you try the old methods. Hum a lullaby, try counting sheep. Nothing would help you sleep. Chances are you’d sleep better at an actual rock concert. So you put on your headphones, turn up the music. Block out the chaos with more chaos. For some it’s easier to just pop a pill and silence it all. Others distract themselves, delaying the moment they’d have to hear their own thoughts. 

“The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself.”

-Mark twain. 

How many things do we run away from? How many of us are running away from ourselves? We distract ourselves by keeping busy. I even do yoga before bed at times when I can’t sleep. Or tidy up the house. No I’m not Cinderella, but midnight strikes and I’m up and cleaning. 
Need to get order outside in need to get order inside. 
I found this line during my nightly readings and it instantly found its way from my heart to my brain. I’m a very neat and organised person. I can’t stand a mess. You’ll find me tidying up things around the house. Now, I know you must be thinking there’s nothing wrong with staying organised. But this kind of obsessive cleaning is like a disease! 

It works like healing for me. I’ve noticed how much I clean when I’m going through a rough patch. Maybe deep down I carry this idea that clearing all the mess out there will somehow clear the mess inside as well. I know it might seem odd but that’s how it is with me. 

Maybe because visible mess reminds me of the invisible mess I’ve buried deep down. Cleaning is somehow reassuring myself that the other will get under control as well. 

I’ve read that cleaning helps your Chakra. Which is probably why it calms your nerves. The brain activity and work required in the task leaves you drained physically but it keeps you distracted mentally. So when I can’t sleep and drowning my thoughts with music doesn’t work, this is how I cope. The messier my mind, the more organised my house gets! At least one good thing comes out of it. I wonder if I would have been this active otherwise. But obsessing over something clearly means trouble. 

Safe to say if you find yourself doing something excessively, you should probably give yourself a talk. It usually happens without us even knowing what our minds are plotting. It could mean you’re unconsciously trying to run away from an issue or something that’s been disturbing you. Could even be OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Let’s not get so ahead of ourselves though. It probably is just your attempt at running away from something by burying yourself in something else. 

I’d love to know you all cope with it. So please share, Maybe I’ll steal your ideas! 




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  1. Intro was awesome… Overall it was informative…
    I use to bath before sleeping bcz bathing induceds sound sleep and moreover…. One of my teacher’s told that one must be so busy that he/she directly goes to bed without even eating.. he meant to say do that much work which results in so much lethargy that you sleep the moment you lay…

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  2. Next time you have sleep issue, please come to my end, my wife and me badly needs you.

    I think I should send my daughter to you than you will sleep for sure. 😄😄😄😄😄

    It will be paid fully lol. Visa laghwana tauda kaam hay.

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  3. On a serious note, I think you are over stretching your brain to sleep. Leave the innocent thing a rest by not thinking about zelion thing.

    My wife couple of days went through the same notion. I thought she was playing her favourite game turns out she was thinking why she can’t sleep.

    So relax, you will be surprised to know when I was dead tired and I can’t sleep back in dark ages, I use to put my legs on the bed and the upper torso on the ground. Like you sitting on a chair.

    And I sleep like a baby lol

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  4. Very interesting post which makes sense. When I don’t feel right either physically or mentally within myself I have to have everything very tidy and orderly around me.

    Due to having physical pain recently I too have been listening to meditation/ relaxation tapes in bed. I thought they helped but thinking about it they didn’t.

    Your quite right regarding burying emotions that need to come out, sometimes we don’t even realise that they are there! But sleep and a quiet mind is very important for our wellbeing. I found years ago if something keeps coming into my mind I say NO which stops it dead, then it tries it again and I say NO. Eventually it gives up. We can overcome our thoughts.

    Regarding keeping things buried, personally I just need to talk about thoughts and feelings. 🌹

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    1. It’s our way of unconsciously dealing with stress. You’re right we can overcome our thoughts I agree with you. It requires discipline of mind and determination. Most people don’t even realise what’s happening and I think that’s where the problem starts. After you identify the problem it’s up to you what method works for you to deal with it.
      Taking always helps. Thanks for sharing xx

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  5. I feel like my best writing comes in the middle of the night when I’m restless. Normally am restless for a reason, so helps to get it off.

    Sucks I don’t have my Mac, so am not gonna make an actual post until it’s fixed, but I made a ridiculously awful decision to quit my job teaching in Phuket. I felt like it was a waste of my time, which in reality, it really was and those kids are not gonna learn anything. Seeing how awful their curriculum is explains why 95-98% of people here speak 0 English. But it’s depressing because I really really loved living here, my coworkers were the coolest, and don’t wanna go back to the states. I feel like Jesse Eisenberg in Adventureland except I didn’t tough it out through the summer 😦

    Sorry for my long rant and semi jacking the post.

    Also really glad to see you’re continuing with your yoga. I seriously need to do that or join a gym. I’ve been doing push-up training- like 300-400 push-ups daily, but think the camaraderie of a gym or yoga studio would be a good way to make new friends upon returning to Vegas.

    Wow this comment is long. Ok wish you the best manal! Have a wonderful weekend and sorry for my long random tangent again

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    1. I agree about the late night writing bit. I usually write in the middle of the night as well. So I get you!
      Why did you quit? Maybe you could have made a difference seeing how you realise where the problem lies you could help out design a better curriculum. It’s not easy finding a job in a place you like with good co workers! That’s a bonus! But then again it’s probably for the best. Change of scenery after a while does you good.
      Yes, I’m doing yoga it really calms the body. I heard somebody say if you take care of you body it’ll take care of you! See how that works now!
      And no problem you’re welcome here anytime. Have a great weekend. Good luck for your move

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      1. I don’t think a farang (foreigner in Thai) could ever really make a difference in the education system without a good grasp in Thai. You’re totally right though, I didn’t count my blessings, and I really regret my decision. Now I”m going back to Vegas probly for a year and will hate it, sigh. Maybe a tough year will actually allow me to be more appreciative when I get to go abroad again.

        And thats awesome!! I’m so proud of you for keeping consistent with it! And yeah it definitely will take care of you. Its your temple and you are the spirit inside 🙂

        And thanks I’ll need it.

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      2. Maybe it’s for the best. If nothing else you’ll get to have more experiences. So don’t regret it. You’ll find something better. A change of scenery can do you good! Hopefully your next adventure will makeup for this.
        And Thanks yes I’m proud of me too. It builds a positive vibe around me that I’m really enjoying. So cheers to that!

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  6. I’m a natural night owl by nature I think. I don’t really think I’m battling anything or arguing with any voices in my head although they do tend to keep me up when I do want to sleep. ;o) i’m a gamer so my brain is always on the move, I usually stay up till my brain finally gives in and shuts down and that’s while I’m playing video games. But if I really want to sleep, I usually just watch a really boring television show, that always works.

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    1. Boring show. Hmm I could try that! I think your brain got conditioned that way. If being a night owl is cool with you then no worries. My post is for ye frustrated night owls with work in the morning and wide awake brains! So uncool.

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  7. I can relate, am an extreme night owl and neat freak, always have been
    Find myself cleaning and straightening things up daily but do it mostly at night, except for running the sweeper, I do them when its quiet.
    I don’t like getting up to a mess.

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  8. I’ve always been relatively neat and orderly. Thirty five years in the military will do that to you but I also carried that methodology home with me where my wife and I had five children. I don’t like a mess either but ….. now being 72 years old I have learned some things along the way. Cleaning up a mess is fine if there is nothing else of greater importance around to do but frequently there is and one needs to be aware of the greater needs and respond to them first and ignore the mess until later. Children need attention, now, not later. Family members, friends who need help are other considerations. But sometimes our own inner needs also need to be addressed and the external things we occupy our time and minds with detract us from addressing that greater need. Kind of like spinning our wheels but not really getting anything constructive accomplished. Balance is key and yet balance can only be achieved when we learn to look at what we see with eyes that take in not only the external but also the internal. If we ignore our internal spiritual needs we will never gain the peace and contentment we seek. Being in control is usually a key factor in needing external order. I’ve learned that me being in control does not normally produce the results that I have expected. I have learned that I have had to acknowledge my own limitations in order to gain the assistance of God who created me and knows me better than I know myself. I’ve learned that I need Him in my life to bring true order and peace and contentment. That means putting some basic spiritual fundamentals into practise so that there is balance and external assistance from Him. Short story is that we need to bring God into the picture. Being a Christian, that, for me, means spending time with God’s Word and also time in prayer where I can tell Him how it is with me and seek His help. God doesn’t obviously need me to explain to Him what my problems are but by my doing so He frequently brings things to my awareness that I wouldn’t ordinarily take into consideration. Short story is that He works with me and helps me grow. He helps me see the greater need, both in myself and others and He gives me the encouragement to work towards a more balanced goal instead on just focusing on myself all of the time. Coming to understand our own limitations is really important because a problem can’t be addressed until it is acknowledged. I’m not going to throw Bible verses at you but one of the concepts that Jesus talks about is becoming yoked with Him. Yoked as in two oxen that are kept together with a yoke collar. He leads, you follow, He carries the heavy part of the load, you do your part. You work together. It’s all pretty basic once you get down to it but the key factor is bringing Jesus into the equation. Just my two cents, hope I’ve given you something to think about. Blessings. Bruce

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    1. Advice is always welcome on my blog. I’m glad you stopped by and commented.
      Sometimes we need to step back and take a look at the life we’ve created. The problem might not lie in the big things, but a little thing that we overlooked. You just reminded me the princess and the pea story I used to read as s child.
      God brings peace in life no argument there, I was also taught as a child that God tests us by giving either too much or too little. That this is a trial. I guess what keeps me up is wondering if we would pass. Not just me, humanity as a whole. I want to say I have my own problems but the truth is where we are as a race, leaves me terrified of what’s to come for us! Thank you for getting that confession out of me. I don’t think I’ve admitted that out loud before.

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  9. I experience same situation many a times Manal at others I hit the bed and sleep like a baby within a minute but for the times when I couldn’t following helps a lot
    1. Take a bath before going to bed
    2. Moisturise or massage
    3. Wear loose clothes, shorter and lighter the better
    4. Read a paperback book or Kindle without light from device
    5. Write your thoughts and get in touch with your issues or stuff at subconscious level. Night crawlers are creative at night.
    6. Lukewarm milk with chocolate powder or turmeric
    And don’t touch your phone or any other gadget.
    These work out for me. Let me know if they do work for you.
    Have a happy Sunday ahead !!

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  10. A few months ago I was in a situation where I was stuck someplace with no where to go, no music, no television, nothing to read but my bible for two full days. Prayer and meditation where my saving grace. It was the hardest two days of my life, but when I came through I surprised myself. Have faith, and reach out when you need it. God Bless.

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    1. We have this solitary period of praying called atekaaf. Where the person stays secluded without all these things and just prays Day and night. It can last from 3 days to a week it’s up to the person really. No obligation it’s not compulsory. Those who do, Everytime the come out of solitary, have this peaceful aura around them. So I get what you’re saying.

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  11. Hi!
    Nice post! I’m making posts about scientific explanations behinde everyday appearance and recently I’ve made post about sleep so if you have time and will please go and check it out! If you like it please follow me, I follow you.
    Thank you! 😀

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