Updating Human 3.1

I wake up to find myself in a brand new world. 

My slumber lasted long enough, 

To witness an evolution taken place overnight. 

People in disarray, clocks in a race. 

Nothing is still, everything in motion. 

Questions, all these questions! 

No time to waste. 

You stay behind, you lose! 

Already accomplished, they ask me 

if I had been there, seen that. 

But I’m still catching up from last week. 

Guess it’s no use anymore. 

I’m falling so far behind. 

I awaken to something new each day

With barely enough time to revel in it. 

Before it melts into yesterday.  

Things moving so fast I need to catch my breath.  

My battery draining fast 

Don’t see the exit sign anyway. 

Trying to keep up with every update. 

So many tasks I switch between 

Just so I can keep you engaged? 

If I’m slow I’ll get traded 

In your eagerness to be upgraded. 

Or I’d get replaced by a different version of me 

I’m not a machine I’m a human. Let me be. 

But, for a human I sound awfully like machinery

Looking back trying to figure it out. 

When did I turn into modern technology? 




42 thoughts on “Updating Human 3.1

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    1. Using time is a luxury we are deceived into thinking we have.
      Time uses us.
      Like the strings on a puppet.
      Under the false pretence of freedom
      We play like it wants.
      Thinking we were wise with it.
      We pat ourselves.
      While time laughs on our fate.


  1. Very true in modern world lifestyle.. but is it really necessary? Do we actually have to catch up with everything? Is it possible? As we see information overflow we need to choose what to chase and what to let go. Sometimes we must stay back and enjoy watching it past by us. 🙂

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  2. On the first attempt I didn’t get it, until I reached the last line “When did I turn into modern technology? “,,, Neither I am poetry nor reviewer.

    On 2nd attempt, I see myself of daily activity.

    After two successful attempts felt to read more and more ….. 😊


  3. This is clever writing. You have captured the relentless pace of “life” and the hopelessness of trying to keep pace with it. I would say I enjoyed it but I was almost tired reading it! ( just kidding!)

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  4. It seems that Life is in such a hurry these days… It’s frightening how addicted we’ve become to technology and speed. And pressure. The pressure top be the first, the best, before anybody else. Life itself often does not know in which direction it is heading or why.

    And as we are left out of breath and out of time in all this craziness, we often don’t look around us to see the many beautiful, fleeting moments we’re missing… It’s sad and scary.

    Dear Manal, if you’d like to be up to date with what I post in English, here’s the link to my Blog’s bi-lingual Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/zyciecelta

    I always try to post everything there in both languages 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

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