Forms of immortality 

I’m the shadow you see from your peripheral vision. 

The forgotten face. 

The name you can’t remember. 

A memory you can’t recall. 

A blurred stranger in the background of your picture. 

Somebody you used to know. 

Why would you miss me when I’m gone?

While writing this poem above I realised how much being forgotten used to scare me. Death. The finality and inevitability of it. No matter how popular somebody is, only a handful of people are going to remember them. If it’s somebody with major contributions to society they will go on to become a chapter in our history books. The ones we all remember complaining about. (“why quiz us about their birthdays and food preferences now”) 

We all are going to be erased from existence at some point. Oblivion is inevitable. Rich or famous, unknown or ordinary alike. In the end all equals. Forgotten in time. 
Some legacies stay behind. For everyone else there are no memorials or monuments or shrines. Basically we’re all going to be forgotten. One way or the other we will all be erased from history. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told so far. Surprisingly I disagree. 
True that history only remembers the ones who left a mark on this earth. For every other soul there’s no tribute or acknowledgement. No street named after them or a wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s, just families who miss the departed and never really heal from the loss. 

It’s like a chain in motion, so many people are affected by one life. Even though death is undeniably waiting for all of us, it always comes as a shock. 
We’re taught the only reason Human beings are different from animals is intelligence-Now that’s a topic I’ll address in another article- what really makes us different is our ability to love. The love we experience is intense and eternal. Also very diverse, as there isn’t only one kind of love. We don’t forget our beloved. They are all alive in our hearts. I’ve seen people spending their lives on a person’s name. Never forgetting them even after they’re gone for decades. Though it makes me incredibly sad sometimes, it also fascinates me. What power does that person or feeling have over them that it’s impossible to move forward? 

It’s difficult to count your blessings in a crisis. Specially after a loss but do you ever stop and think how lucky we are to have had people in our lives worth remembering? Worth holding on to? Relationships that helped define us and our lives, that would stay with us in our hearts. Not for their contributions or worldly achievements, just because of love or kindness. 

I’ve met numerous people who’ve stayed in my heart even though I didn’t know them well. I think about them often, send a prayer up in the sky. All because they were kind to me. An act that stays with us till the end. 

Who says oblivion happens to all of us? A single act of kindness makes sure you live on in somebody’s heart. I’d say that’s a pretty big achievement for a race predicted to be forgotten soon. 

So the key to immortality is; Be kind. 

And you’ll be remembered. 




67 thoughts on “Forms of immortality 

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  1. Some people will forever have a special place in my heart. And by “forever” I mean as long as I live. They are those people whom had made or left a mark in my heart and being.
    And I beleive all of us want a space in someone else’s memory long after we’ve parted. And I bet we all have that someone who’ll spare that space for us.
    Great piece of writing. Thumbs up 👍

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  2. Manal, you are such a good writer… your thought process goes very deep down and hits the soul..Love reading it..But sad thing is we people don’t try to really visualize it… we just read…

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  3. Wow! It’s undeniably great… I agree with your thoughts about death, and how our actions could and would impact other people’s lives. In order to be remembered in this chaotic world, we need to be kind. That act of kindness should come from the bottom of our hearts.

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