Winter Revelations.

I stand alone in the open. Brace myself against the harsh December cold. 
The night is quiet, everything almost seems still. Almost. 

Pretending to smoke, I exhale. As I watch the cold puff of air drifts further and further away till it’s impossible to distinguish anymore. 

Everything dissolves into nothingness. 

Everything will dissolve. 

Nothing will stay. 

It’s inevitable. 

Suddenly, I realise I’m not alone. 

For I have you with me. 

All of you. 

Sharing the same fate, 

The intertwined paths of destiny. 

How can I ever be alone? 




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      1. Your welcome, and thats good glad to hear 🙂 Yeah its been alright since I’ve been back. Have seen a few friends, and actually went to EDC this weekend which was epic. Also have my 2nd day with online teaching today, so that just started. Not bad since I’ve been back 🙂

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