Long day? 

Having a bad day? Join the club. For all those who are having a bad day. I’m not gonna pretend and say I know what you’re going through. I’m sure that’s not what you want to hear either. But I’ll say this; I kinda understand, I do. I know a little bit about rebuilding your confidence. I’m doing the same. Thus I can relate. Every crisis takes away faith. We, Humans can be vulnerable creatures. And so when I say I understand it’s not to console you, or because it’s the right thing to say, it’s because I want you to know you’re not alone in this. 

Instead of telling you to get over it, I’d tell you I’m having a bad day too. So let’s sulk together. Maybe misery love company. Or maybe misery isn’t so heartless to make you suffer alone thus throwing someone with you so you can pick each other up.

Either way I’m with you. 

And If that doesn’t make you feel better then how about a song? I dedicate Ain’t no mountain high enough to all the grouchy fellas out there. 

Get up and play it. 

For approximately 3 minutes. We can all accompany each other and forget about misery. What say you? 

Play the song. 

I dare you. 

5 other songs to make your day better. 

Time of my life-Dirty Dancing. 

Eye of the tiger-Survivor. 

Heroes-David Bowie. 

Here comes the sun- The Beatles

Joy division-the wombats. 

P.S I know my compilation is a little unconventional, what can I say I’m a total music manic. Nothing beats the sound of a vinyl.  




79 thoughts on “Long day? 

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  1. I won’t pretend but even though days are hectic nowadays but I am not having”bad” days…
    Right from day before yesterday my days are going awesome…
    Please read my latest post for more info(yes, it is a publicity stunt😂😂)…
    Anyways, well written Manal😊

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  2. When you are having bad day,music is really the one good medicine to get relieved..but believe me because of this bad day you will enjoy other days better even though how normal and how boring it May be..bad days are like injection for better life and tablets for enjoying every second happily.

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  3. Woahh man!! Brilliant peace of writing. This blog is 💯💯💯❤.please visit my too it will be my pleasure that gr8 bloggers you visiting. But still dude you rock. 🙇🙇🙇🔥

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  4. Time of My Life does it for me everytime, Manal. I hear you girl. I need a bit of downtime from being a woman. The hormones are such a wonderful gift. So I shall sip on green tea now to feel better and send you hugs xx

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  5. Hoping your day holds some special happy light that is unexpected for ya! True, I can crank up some Ludacris, Prince, Donna Summer, Kid Rock or Fleetwood Mac and get happier! Just makes my man chuckle when he sees me sometimes belting out the wrong words to a song as I dance in my kitchen….did I mention I am tone deaf and not particularly graceful in dancing?…who cares!! 🙂

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    1. I made somebody feel better. Yayy. You have no idea how great that feels. 😁
      And yes I love vinyl. I feel in love with a few songs just hearing the way they sounded on record. The MP3 versions really disappointed me.


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