Darling, dance. 

Darling, You were born to dance. 

Around the truth and

freedom, you were falsely told you had.

Dance to his words 

Visibly unchained, 

Bound to doing his bidding. 

You were born to dance, darling. 

See the way your body vibrates

Breaks and Moulds

As he gives colors to your skin. 

Dance to the music

The thump, smash, the crashes,

To the sound of this cringe worthy music. 

If you’re not going to walk,

Dance into the battlefield. 

That no one told you your life would become

Break the routine.

With Your head held high. 

You were born to dance, darling. 

But to your own rhythm.  

Because I was taught that a real man never hits women. He’s raised to treat his lady like a Princess, proving he was brought up by a Queen. Because I’ve seen women close to me, staying in abusive relationships. I wrote this poem in support for #Breaktheroutine by Victim support U.K. 



58 thoughts on “Darling, dance. 

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  1. What you said was exactly right..how can a man treat woman like a slave?? She is your better half,how can we treat better half violently..and women should raise their voice and hands .But many are inferior.And as women depend economically on husband,they’re treated like that. And also society pressure.When she raise above all with wings of courage she can find the way to end this.And she can lead a life oh her own with much dignity

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  2. A man who puts his hand on a woman besides any other reason than love is not a man. A woman is a queen and should be treated as such, this was a great article, great words and I too support it!

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  3. Beutiful words. Not only we must stand against abuse, it is equally important for us to be accountable of our own actions. We must be careful not to turn people into abusers by our actions as well.

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  4. Its not just physical violence, mental violence and cruelty is much more worse and it breaks you apart. Even if you are independent financially, you just can’t cut the relationship and quit. Its easy to shout about women empowerment but at root level still women are vulnerable.

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    1. Unhealthy relationships need to be pruned. No point in calling yourself independent if you can’t take the necessary steps to save yourself. Women have been made vulnerable but not for long. We can’t think like that anymore. Future is female.


  5. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 for a great post and message for those who are in abusive relationships! I agree that a man (or a woman, or anyone) shouldn’t have to hurt others (whether physically, mentally or emotionally); any relationship with that kind of dynamic is a relationship that shouldn’t happen. 🙁

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      1. Oh, neither do I. But I should have kept my mouth shut. I just took the slap. It all blew over, but I really need to keep a lid on my temper, or I’ll be getting another slap I guess.


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