Clear skies

Cyra was listening to music in her room on a dull grey afternoon when the phone rang, there was movement in the living room. She removed her earphones instinctually to listen. Who could be calling? All their friends and relatives called their personal cells. The home phone was just a device on display. “No, Mr Davis doesn’t live here.” she heard her maid talking on the phone. “Well he isn’t here.” Small pause. “How on earth are we suppose to know where he is?” She heard the unmistakeable sound of phone being slammed on its holder and seconds later, footsteps towards her room. Se hastily put her earphones back in her ears when the door opened. 

In walked Wanda, irritation clearly etched on her face. “People can be so daft!” She exclaimed. Cyra looked up. “Some knucklehead called to ask about Mr Davis. I told he didn’t live here anymore.” Wanda went on. Oblivious to the fact that Cyra already knew. “Apparently I wasnt clear enough!” 

“Did he say who he was?” Cyra asked trying to look uninterested. 

“No I didn’t get around to asking.” Wanda explained. 

Cyra nodded slowly. “Anyway, miss, can I get you anything? There is juice in the fridge.” Wanda went on knowing Cyra loved snacks. 

“Thanks Wanda I’ll get if later myself.” Cyra smiled. Wanda returned the smile before backing out and closing the door behind her. She really liked the young girl. Cyra was the sweetest member in her family. 

Wanda had worked in that house all her life she knew all their family secrets and guarded them with complete loyalty. She sighed thinking about the call. But it was soon forgotten as she got busy in the kitchen. 

Cyra waited till she heard Wanda’s doorsteps die. Pushing the iPad away on the bed she got up and walked to the window. 5 years and still they were getting calls about her father. People could get really insensitive sometimes. She sat in the window sill and watched the clouds moving threateningly over the town. Slowly she rested her forehead on the cool glass. A storm was coming. 


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  1. A nice little story with a twist ending, Manal! I wonder what happened to Cyra’s father. πŸ˜€
    Aside from a few missing / incorrect punctuation marks for the dialogues, I think you have a pretty decent writing style. Looking forward to part 2, if there’s one!

    Liked by 1 person

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