Then came the morning light. Chasing away the shadows. Breathing life in its wake. 

Joyous sounds filled the orchard. 

New day. Yours to claim. 

But, Nothing can irreversibly erase the darkness. It lingers, clinging to hidden alcoves and corners out of sight. Waiting. Watching.  
And when they converse,

The light and dark collide in the skies. 

Unleashing a kaleidoscope of color. 

A spectrum. 

Insignificant without each other.

Like a paradox. 

Their beauty lies in the collision. 

Photo: The lovely @beckysarahfitz




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      1. I guess my reply never posted….. I meant rescue for a day. I had emergency surgery and I’m stuck in the house. I had to move in with my mother so all my stuffs still packed. I’m bored to tears.


      2. Ohh I totally get it. I’ve been living with my mom so I understand what you mean. It gets so frustration not doing anything.
        By the way. Surgery for what may I ask? Get well soon

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  1. No no, I meant I’m stuck at my mothers house because I can’t drive after surgery. I’m living with mom temporarily because my house went on the market to sell. I had emergency surgery and I’m bored to tears.


  2. I like how you tell that one can not co exist without the other…dark/light….good/evil. Everything has balance, “the beauty lies in the collision”, that is so true. I liked this. ;o)

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  3. Spectacular!!! It was a real delight to read this poem!Loved these expressions – ‘The light and dark collide in the skies./Unleashing a kaleidoscope of color.’
    ‘Insignificant without each other./Like a paradox.’
    And the idea of night ‘watching’ and ‘waiting.’
    Β Thanks!

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