Haunted by the ghost of you 

A whisper somewhere 

My heart starts racing

The wind tickles like your touch. 

Seeing shadows in empty spaces.

I turn around and you’re miles away. 

This constant presence around me,

Is your presence.  

I’m never alone. 

I open my eyes but never see you. 

You see me. 

Even in crowds. 

You’re the only one

I feel it in my bones. 

Feel the goosebumps on my skin. 

Looking over my shoulder. 

The feeling I get at the turn of every corner. 

Whenever the phone rings. 

My breadth catches. 

It’s someone else. 

It’s always someone else

Connected on a different plane than the rest of world. 

Like a one-way mirror. 

constantly in your vision. 

Standing on the other side. 

I know you’re there, I can’t see you

I feel you. 

Haunted by the ghost of you. 

This wait will be over soon

I’ll find a way, a window, a door. 

And walk through that looking glass. 

To see you on the other side. 

With my constant presence 

And essence around you. 

The places just might switch. 

The haunting will be the haunted. 

The prey comes the predator. 

It’s survival of the fittest. 




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