Four awards 🏆

Okay so I got nominated for four awards. Yayy meee!! I'm new to this so please forgive me if I miss out or don't tag anyone correctly.  First of all thank you so much @Doni_W for nominating me. And teaching me every step of posting this. You're awesome. Did I say thank you already? Thank You!!!!... Continue Reading →

Clothes are us. 

Whenever you think about describing a person there are certain traits that pile up. Their name, appearance, facial features, hair color, personality and nature. Right? That's how we characterise someone. But , If I ask you right now to describe yourself how would you do it? Probably give me a detailed paragraph, maybe a one worded... Continue Reading →

Dealing with anxiety. 

One late night in December while talking to a friend I started shivering violently. I had just received a bad news, so the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach was justified and the shivers could have been because of the cold. Only it didn't get better as the shock of the news wore... Continue Reading →

Medicine Pros/Cons

Growing up I've always heard my father saying that knowledge is power. Girls around me liked being called pretty or beautiful while I would get really excited if somebody called me smart (along with pretty because let's face it who doesn't want to hear they're pretty?) Anyway, I have always had this opinion that smart... Continue Reading →

Under the same sky 

Under the same sky, so far apart.  on the front steps of my darkened house,  A flash of lightning across the sky  Catches my eye.  I look up to see clouds curtaining the moon.  You're standing under the same sky Somewhere only the moon can see you.   A rain drop falls on my cheek.  I... Continue Reading →

15 second victory dance!

500!! Wow. Yayy me.  I started blogging 2 months ago, in February 2017. And honestly I never imagined I'd get to talk to so many lovely people or receive so much love. I don't consider myself a writer (not being modest). For the first month I was dead scared and half expected comments saying you... Continue Reading →

Art for the soul. 

Coming from a family of Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Businessmen, me being an artist was considered an anomaly. The black sheep of the family. Being able to write or draw or paint was nothing important when it came to practical life. These were just the hobbies one had on the side.  For a long time I... Continue Reading →

Mind over matter

Have you ever wanted something that was nearly impossible? I have. My want and need for it to happen got so desperate that it actually happened.  Understand this; there are times when you want something but don't need it, times when you need something but don't actually want it or realise that you need it.... Continue Reading →

To the dentist I go 

I always hated the idea of going to a dentist. Sitting with my mouth wide open while the dentist flashes lights and pokes the teeth with fancy instruments, is cringe worthy. But you know what they say the more you runway from something the harder it tries to catch you.  I was 21 and innocent... Continue Reading →

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