Awards & nominations. 

The Black Cat Blue Sea award.  Thank you so much @Nicolle. It's such a cool title I love the picture. Check out my friend's blog you guys she runs a pretty chill page.  Alright here are the questions she asked.  1. What would you like bloggers to do more of that they aren’t doing right... Continue Reading →

Happiness, one step at a time. 

Alright guys I'm really excited for this post since this is our 2nd collaboration after Strength which, I'm glad to announce was a huge success. Yayy us!! We got wonderful response from you all so thank you so much for that. Stay tuned there will be more to come 😊.  Okay so the theme is... Continue Reading →

Clear skies part2

She looked longing out of the window, to the shelter of the forest, before answering to the party of 3 she was standing with. "Cyra is Persian. Pronounced as seera. It's not Sarah." Having explained it the nth time that evening. She rolled her eyes she went to get some water.  Cyra Hated being called... Continue Reading →

Clear skies

Cyra was listening to music in her room on a dull grey afternoon when the phone rang, there was movement in the living room. She removed her earphones instinctually to listen. Who could be calling? All their friends and relatives called their personal cells. The home phone was just a device on display. "No, Mr Davis... Continue Reading →


What exactly is strength? Something that pushes you to go the extra mile, drives you to be more than you already are? Stand tall in the face of a disaster or be the bigger person? Or somebody holding your hand, telling you you'll prevail. Strength to most of means our drive. Can be physical or... Continue Reading →

Real Neat Blog Award (with a twist) 

Thank you so much Pharaoh for nominating me. It's an amazing feeling knowing someone thinks you're worthy of an award, that your writing deserves recognition. I know I should have waited a little after the nomination to post this to earn me some cool points but I was too excited about this.  To all who... Continue Reading →

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