A flower fell in love with a bird once. 

Every morning started with a chirpy hello. 

Flutter of wings 

As the bird flew down to the ground. 

The Flower would blossom. 

Blooming with contentment. 

Radiant and beautiful than the Sun 

The bird would praise her. 

Conversations and dreams 

Shared between the two

From the Orange of dawn 

To the purples of dusk. 

As the sun went down 

The Flower would sigh and

watch the bird spread its beautiful wings

Fly away, high into the sky. 

Left behind on the ground. 

The Flower would wonder 

What it would be like 

To be together forever. 

The night spent twisting in wait. 

The Flower would be awake 

With the first ray of light 

To hear the the most beautiful sound 

Of its beloved bird coming down. 

Sometimes the bird would stop by

Just to tell the Flower not to wait. 

He was going flying with mates

The return might be very late. 

The bird would then spread its wings 

And soar high above somewhere 

Leaving the Flower behind. 

Wondering why she was here not there.

The Flower envied the bird’s wings 

Jealous, for they took him away from her. 

While all she had were petals 

Bht what could they bring? 

Other flowers warned this wouldn’t end well Reveling in their time 

Cherishing the days they spent together. 

She paid them no heed. 

It couldn’t last forever she knew 

When season changes, Birds migrate 

With promises of meeting again 

The bird flew faraway.

Winter came, And the flower waited

Searching the skies for

Glimpse of wings somewhere up high. 

But time waits for no one. 

Wanting to say goodbye 

She tore up her petals

Sending them one by one in hope 

Trusting the wind to send them high. 

When Spring came, The Bird returned 

But soon learned that Winter had taken the Flower with her. 

The Bird sighed and once again, spread its beautiful wings and never returned. 

As years went by 

The orchard echoed with whispers of the Forbidden tale, of the 

Flower That fell In love with a bird once. 




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      1. Sorry. I am a bit abstract sometimes and energy can get up. Don’t mean to be rude or a smartass. Long long day day and over the years when I work like this I get more aware the more tired I get. Nearly 2 decades of not drinking or anything else I feel like I will live to about 300 on good food, air, and good people to talk with and take care of.

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      2. Hope its been a good week. Moon going into Cancer. Mercury retro… community glitches and misunderstandings 🦊♌

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      3. It’s a good gig so far tonight. Our mate tried to close the haunt but 2 years of a lease to see what we can do


      1. many..suppose the way your hair reside on one side of your shoulder,when you’r hand supporting that chin,and small smile from.lips like ray from clouds,and glittery eyes..and the word which matches the beautiful face and heart..Soo can anyone do not have crush on you…


  1. You weaved a beautiful rhyming story with your words Manal. Initially it made me think about how women stay at home while men go out to fly for their professional goals and fly to go out with their friends. How they stay in love despite the different worlds they live in of the different ways in which world treats them. The kids being the petals that they have adding meaning to the life a flower. Though the change of weather and loosing a loved one ended my stream of thoughts. A beautiful story weaved in very few words.
    Happy blogging !!

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