Will Pakistan make it till 2030

Ethical leadership and good governance Or lack there of has been the trending topic in every house during the Chai breaks. Heated arguements follow the political announcement almost everytime. DisheartenedDisheartened from the performance of every government, the youth had lost interest in voting. Loss of interest resulted to politicians running unchecked and making questionable decisions thus, the dilemma. Good governance cannot... Continue Reading →


A flower fell in love with a bird once.  Every morning started with a chirpy hello.  Flutter of wings  As the bird flew down to the ground.  The Flower would blossom.  Blooming with contentment.  Radiant and beautiful than the Sun  The bird would praise her.  Conversations and dreams  Shared between the two From the Orange... Continue Reading →

Awards & nominations. 

The Black Cat Blue Sea award.  Thank you so much @Nicolle. It's such a cool title I love the picture. Check out my friend's blog you guys she runs a pretty chill page.  Alright here are the questions she asked.  1. What would you like bloggers to do more of that they aren’t doing right... Continue Reading →

Happiness, one step at a time. 

Alright guys I'm really excited for this post since this is our 2nd collaboration after Strength which, I'm glad to announce was a huge success. Yayy us!! We got wonderful response from you all so thank you so much for that. Stay tuned there will be more to come 😊.  Okay so the theme is... Continue Reading →

Clear skies part 3 

The Davis' were an ordinary family. Miles Davis was a friendly, handsome man, popular among town for his sense of humour and impeccable manners. His family owned a bookstore and a publishing house.  His wife Victoria Davis belonged to upper class society. With Elegant looks, grace, a beauty like no other in town. She was... Continue Reading →

Haunted by the ghost of you 

A whisper somewhere  My heart starts racing The wind tickles like your touch.  Seeing shadows in empty spaces. I turn around and you're miles away.  This constant presence around me, Is your presence.   I'm never alone.  I open my eyes but never see you.  You see me.  Even in crowds.  You're the only one... Continue Reading →

Then came the morning light. Chasing away the shadows. Breathing life in its wake.  Joyous sounds filled the orchard.  New day. Yours to claim.  But, Nothing can irreversibly erase the darkness. It lingers, clinging to hidden alcoves and corners out of sight. Waiting. Watching.   And when they converse, The light and dark collide in... Continue Reading →

Clear skies part2

She looked longing out of the window, to the shelter of the forest, before answering to the party of 3 she was standing with. "Cyra is Persian. Pronounced as seera. It's not Sarah." Having explained it the nth time that evening. She rolled her eyes she went to get some water.  Cyra Hated being called... Continue Reading →

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