Clear skies part 3 

The Davis’ were an ordinary family. Miles Davis was a friendly, handsome man, popular among town for his sense of humour and impeccable manners. His family owned a bookstore and a publishing house. 
His wife Victoria Davis belonged to upper class society. With Elegant looks, grace, a beauty like no other in town. She was the most eligible bachelorette in town, before tying the knot with Miles. 

They met Miles at a local gala the summer Victoria returned from college. Impressed by his honestly and sincerity, unlike the men in her own class, Victoria was instantly taken with the young man. 

After dating for a few short months their love only increased twofold. Ignoring her mother’s warning about the status differences, she married Miles and moved to the outskirts of their town. Where Miles took care of the business and Victoria joined the local College Board as an advisor. 

Following the years of the happy marriage, they had three daughters. Isabella the oldest, widely known as Bella was an accountant. She was the sensible child of the family or so their mother said. 

Emily was 3 years younger to Bella. A nutritionist by profession, her life’s only focus was eating clean staying healthy. Characterised as Obsessive compulsive or a bit of a neat freak by her sisters, She was the favourite daughter of their mother, nothing she ever did was wrong is Victoria’s eyes. Emily was also the first one to get engaged and move out. Her fiancé, Patrick was a fitness trainer. A match maid in heaven. Much to Victoria’s dismay, They lived on the other end of the town, away from all the population. 

Our Cyra was the youngest. A late addition to the family as they called her, was 10 years younger than Bella. A fact she was reminded of quiet often. She inherited all the traits of Miles and none of Victoria. Like him she was passionate about animals, gardening, literature and books. She was also quiet stubborn. Spoiled by her father, which Victoria absolutely disapproved of. 

They lived in a beautiful house at the end of Lockwood lane not so far from the civilisation but also at the edge of a forest. Cyra liked to think her house, like herself was lost between the wild and the sober. 
Cyra was 17 when Miles left and turned their lives upside down. Bella being the oldest had taken over the role of family’s caretaker. Both Bella and Emily were close to their mother. Naturally she had their support. Cyra, being closest to her father, was put in a tight spot when he left since the ladies of the house deemed her as sort of a traitor. Realising early that the trio wouldn’t welcome her, she went abroad to get college education. Far away from her house as she possibly could. In hope that she would leave all her troubles behind. Little did she know how wrong she was. 


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