Long day? 

Having a bad day? Join the club. For all those who are having a bad day. I'm not gonna pretend and say I know what you're going through. I'm sure that's not what you want to hear either. But I'll say this; I kinda understand, I do. I know a little bit about rebuilding your... Continue Reading →

Winter Revelations.

I stand alone in the open. Brace myself against the harsh December cold.  The night is quiet, everything almost seems still. Almost.  Pretending to smoke, I exhale. As I watch the cold puff of air drifts further and further away till it's impossible to distinguish anymore.  Everything dissolves into nothingness.  Everything will dissolve.  Nothing will... Continue Reading →

Spreading love my way! 

Recently, While invigilating A level exams, this girl comes up to me and thanks me for smiling at her throughout her exam duration, it worked as encouragement she said she was very nervous and somehow by giving her reassuring smile, i helped her perform better.  2 other boys said similar things and unknowingly these kids... Continue Reading →

Forms of immortality 

I'm the shadow you see from your peripheral vision.  The forgotten face.  The name you can't remember.  A memory you can't recall.  A blurred stranger in the background of your picture.  Somebody you used to know.  Why would you miss me when I'm gone? While writing this poem above I realised how much being forgotten... Continue Reading →

Updating Human 3.1

I wake up to find myself in a brand new world.  My slumber lasted long enough,  To witness an evolution taken place overnight.  People in disarray, clocks in a race.  Nothing is still, everything in motion.  Questions, all these questions!  No time to waste.  You stay behind, you lose!  Already accomplished, they ask me  if... Continue Reading →

Night crawlers. 

To all the night crawlers out there. Do you ever lay down to sleep and stay awake for hours? The silence louder than a rock concert. Your thoughts having wings of their own, unashamedly flying around in their wild forms. You can literally hear them buzzing around in your head.  The noise inside combined with... Continue Reading →


He said I was the cause of all the distaste in his life. That somehow I singlehandedly managed to suck all the Positivity he had. Leaving an abyss, a void that he now associated with my name. I tried to tell him that his negativity was the cause of birth for mine. That we were both... Continue Reading →

Real Neat Blog Award (with a twist) 

Thank you so much Pharaoh for nominating me. It's an amazing feeling knowing someone thinks you're worthy of an award, that your writing deserves recognition. I know I should have waited a little after the nomination to post this to earn me some cool points but I was too excited about this.  To all who... Continue Reading →

I am That Girl. 

Someone recently asked me about my username. Surprisingly it was a girl that asked; Iamthatgirl? You're that girl, Which girl do you mean? Better answer that carefully you know there are lots of kinds of girls you don't want to be.   Why though, you know you're going to get labelled anyway so what's the point.... Continue Reading →


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