Art for the soul. 

Coming from a family of Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Businessmen, me being an artist was considered an anomaly. The black sheep of the family. Being able to write or draw or paint was nothing important when it came to practical life. These were just the hobbies one had on the side. 

For a long time I was made to believe that i made a mistake while choosing career. Art doesn’t pay. That’s the only thing that matters right? The amount of 0s you have on your salary? After all that’s what we work for. 

Was I wrong to think I wanted more from life? Wrong to want a job that actually made me happy? Something worth waking up at 7 in the morning. 

Even though times have changed. Arts are still considered a light job. My mother used to hesitate while introducing me to her fellow doctors lest they asked why I didn’t opt for a more ‘serious’ profession. Surprisingly no one ever did! They actually enjoyed the fact that I could contribute to the conversation with a fresh perspective. It’s funny how nobody at home appreciated the creativity whilst basically everyone else praised it! 

Even today when I talk about books or music or even philosophy, most people don’t get it. So, I blog about it. And it’s appreciated here. The fact that I connect with people from different parts of the world on the basis of a shared idea or a thought, really inspires me to write about it. It amazes me how an idea that receives a ” You think too much” answer from others, receives totally opposite review here. We artists are more accepting and supportive than the “serious profession” people! 

I love what I do. It comes from the heart and manages to touch others along the way! Art keeps the soul alive. So I do it to save my soul. I hope you do the same!

“Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possible can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.”

-Kurt Vonnegut 

For all artist out there writers, singers, poets, actors, painters, fashion designer, visual artist, sculptors, makeup artists, hairstylists, movie makers, dancers, musicians, story tellers, potters, all fellow visionaries/romantics/dreamers! 

We are the ones that feed the souls. We spread joy, courage, touch hearts, inspire people! We own the world! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. 




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  1. A fantastic post. I’m a teacher by profession, and I love to write in my spare time. I don’t usually share that fact in the real world. I’m not quite sure why. I suspect one reason is a lack of courage. I have nothing to show for my efforts, so I have no tangible justification for writing – poetry of all things haha 🙂 I write for the love of writing of course. It’s become a vital part of who I am. And it does feel amazing from start to finish. 🙂

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  2. It is wonderful you followed what you loved as your career. I’ve always had a deep urge to create something – anything. Lol When my daughters were home, I sewed clothes for them. Lots of bridesmaid dresses! After that I crocheted myself about 5 ponchos when they were in style. I made a mosaic table and now I am into woodworking and painting. If I’m not creating something, I feel restless.

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  3. Generally the ones who don’t exercise and artistic vent are usually the kind of people who have bought into this perfectionist written in stone reality which is in truth a fabrication and they fear exercising creative Outlets that might set them loose from the hold on what has values and purpose for them and what does not equate with essentially a license to live and breathe.

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    1. We are talking about creating something. Creativity in any form. Even a terrorist has thoughts but they can’t be considered art. The joy One gets on creating something that fuels the soul.


      1. The engineers builds the things, the accountant makes the financial statements, the doctors tools are same as a shoe cobler or carpenter honestly.

        They all have their level of creativity. It’s the definition of creativity as to how vast one wants to expand.

        And how you feel in expressing yourself while doing whatever you are doing.

        My ex maid was very creative in cleaning our washroom. You will surprised to see what she used to do everyday, to change the setting of candles.

        Same is the case of cooks. They express it in another way


      2. Someone in business class argue with me, about planning.

        What I said, when we wake up and do different task, go to washroom, clean the teeth first or go for nature call or take shower afterwards etc etc it’s all part of planning.

        Similarly in my own humble view, creativity is what you do that makes you express yourself. It can take any form. As long as one gets lost in it.

        Since when you get lost in something, one change the form of task to create something.


      3. The mere reason that you find the need to argue is enough to explain how you haven’t let go! Artists are open, accepting and encouraging. Like I mentioned in the post as well. Since you’re from a d

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      4. Nobody questions their work Cz they are all considered serious professions that pay! That’s what they are supposed to be on return for the salaries they revive. Have you ever seen an accountant make a leadger cz it calms his soul? Or a doctor operating somebody for the same reason. Cooking and cleaning however are a part culinary arts. Basically I’m talking about everything that a person wants to do (artistic) but can’t for a living cz it doesn’t pay well. Nobody would tell a doctor they chose the wrong profession. But for us it hangs in the air.

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      5. Unfortunately I am an accountant lol

        I love how things comes up and bring raw data into something meaning information to split the same data into multiple logical trends based on it we can make decision.

        But your point, is valid. I myself in this definition do painting, Art and Craft for my daughter, Woodworking and Cooking (Not just habitual cooking) but to relax myself.

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      6. I guessed as much! The minute you mentioned accountants i knew what I was dealing with. 😁
        See you mentioned that you paint or create to relax? That’s my point. That’s how the soul grows. Imagine doing that for a profession, and dealing with people telling you how it’s the wrong choice. Belittling the work.

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  4. Ever since I could remember, I always prefered languages, history, writing and arts over the more “grounded” subjects like Maths, Physics or Chemistry. My parents always gave me a free hand in deciding what I wanted to do in life, and since I was 10 years old, I knew I wanted to be an Interpreter.

    As I kid, I did a lot of writing – stories, poetry, even screenplays and one stage play. But a nasty computer virus destroyed most of that, and something “blocked” inside me.

    Now, all I do is write poetry from time to time – even though my Dad jokes that poetry is not for “real men” 😀

    Thnak You so much for the fallow! I happiliy return the favor. You’re a very passionate, observant and interesting person 🙂

    Where are you from? I’m guessing you can iunderstand Polish since you stumbled upon my blog. I’ll introduce you to my readers sometime soon 🙂


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  5. What would life be without people pursuing their artistic passion? Without all the scriptwriters, directors, music composers, makeup artists and actors, there wouldn’t be movies. Without all the visual artists, music composers and scriptwriters, there wouldn’t be video games! The horror! 😱

    Though I get the whole “you must be a doctor / lawyer / accountant / [insert some rich profession here] to secure your future!” thing (happens a lot here too, but somehow I managed to thwart that away). I think it’s because a lot of people equate money = happiness. Well, what matters in the end that you love what you do and you’re happy with it. ❤

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    1. Exactly. For all whose say arts is just something to do as a hobby, in your face guys! 😁
      Yes in the end that what matters. Like I mentioned earlier art makes you compassionate, open, more accepting towards others. Practising it might make us better people.

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    2. I agree. If you have money and are not doing what you love…. are you TRULY happy? By all means, NO.

      This just kinda reminds me of Farhan’s statement to his father in “3 Idiots” about preferring to hate himself if he doesn’t make much money from doing photography (which he loves). Than to hate his father for not allowing him to do what he loves for the sake of more money.

      Loved that movie.

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      1. You guys are lucky. They just say them. As for me, they say it and prove it. Seize my books, my appliances, devices… everything. And lock me in an empty room for thirty minutes.

        And then they sit back and listen to the concert I give in that time. Singing, drumming on on walls, rapping, cracking jokes, having imaginary interviews – anything to keep me busy.

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  6. Beautifully said and it’s true, no one enjoys any other thing as one enjoys art ! And Im so proud of you that you are contributing into something that will be etched in our hearts forever and more.
    Also, I read about your interest in some kind of collaboration in Nicolle’s blog. I wish I knew this earlier. Im so sorry. But theres a good news for you, we are planning on doing one soon. For details you can contact me. I have provided my information in the previous 3 or 4 blogs. You can reach out to me there. Thanks ! And good luck !

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  7. When I announced that I was doing an Arts Degree, my school career counselor looked at me for a moment in silence. Then he said: “It will at east teach you to scorn the money it prevents you from earning.” I have enjoyed my artsy old life and I have never wanted for money, living happily and always within my means …however limited …

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    1. That must have been really hard for you. Going after something you know was unapproved. I’ve seen people earning with both hands but never having time to enjoy it. I could never go for that life! It’s wonderful that you followed your dream!

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      1. Ended up teaching in The Ivory Tower. I enjoyed academia initially, but the life had changed enormously by the end of my career and I was glad to get out. I’m a full time writer now and it’s much more fun.

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      2. Above all, it gave me time … to read, to coach, to write, to think, to help other people, to do so many things … I suppose it is the ‘gift of time’ that I appreciate most, looking back on it.

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  8. WOW I can so understand your situation – not getting appreciated of what you love! I wanted to be a marketer and wanted to do a degree on it but it was not appreciated by my father and I felt disappointed.
    I am happy wordpress is a better place where your hobby is more appreciated! ❤
    All the best! May happiness be a everyday occurance!

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    1. Oh that must have been difficult for you. It’s not easy to set aside your dream to fulfil others.
      Yes WordPress and the blogging community has been very nice to me. You’re very sweet. Thank you so much. Same to you! 😊

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      1. Yeah but its cool, I doing what I want to do. If I did what my dad wanted me to do, I am sure I’ll fail cuz of the disgust 😛 It is simply not worth it, to do what others want you to do – because at the end you are the one suffering, not them. Do what you like because the feeling of happiness is what happens! We can never satisify everyone so its best to at least satisfy yourself ❤ My pleasure Manal!

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  9. A thousand cheers for arts and the people who practice that!! Thank you for making our lives much more enjoyable.
    You rock and keep doing what you do best. If anyone has a problem with it, well… it’s THEIR problem not yours 😀

    You can also redirect them to me. I’d like to give them a piece of my mind.

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      1. Well… it all depends on who I am speaking to. 😉
        I got various personalities for various categories of people. Any of the people I referred to above who have a problem will not get my sweet side 😀

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  10. I really enjoyed your post.I know how it is in India.
    I am gonna be an ‘official’ doc next year though. :p
    But i chose this profession myself and don’t regret it.Still it gets frustrating sometimes.
    Last month i joined word press in order to vent out.
    And as it says in your post,i preferred writing lousy poems instead of no writing at all.
    And i feel better about myself.That i created something.
    Thanks for sharing this. 🙂


    1. Oh that’s great that you made your own decisions. But I know what you mean it gets frustrating if you don’t get to express yourself in any way. Good for you that you’re writing. Good luck for your blog. And welcome to the community.
      Thanks Btw

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  11. An amazing read!
    All have so agreed!

    Poetry, now my life
    Featuring mostly world strife

    On occasions my life
    My love, my dear wife.

    Natural history, nature.
    An ongoing adventure.

    The birds the bee’s
    All faunas in various degrees

    Floras they breathe for us
    Yet man destroys no fuss

    Extinctions some immediate
    Sadly it is not a secret

    Wildlife lost for monetary gain
    Businesses in denial of pain

    Pain endured, climate warming
    Increased CO2 heed the warning

    Pollution of sky sea and land
    A dilemma not by natures hand

    Humanity so ill-informed
    No, misinformed be warned

    Inclement weather south El Niño’s
    UK having, late, late snows!

    One more month of fickle spring,
    Hope summer has more bling.

    The jet stream south, way off course.
    It should be blowing way up north.

    Okay my poem almost done
    Serious sorry next time fun.


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  12. A delightful post, Manal. First I would like to thank you for the follow. Please feel free to visit any time day or night, The Writers Desk is always available.
    Is the artwork on this page yours? If so I would like to say it is lovely. Looking at it gives me a sense of freedom.
    As a person who loves to write, I did work and retired from AT&T, raised a family. I am now 73 and since retirement, I am as happy as a lark writing. We also enjoy our grandchildren on a daily basis. NO, we are not wealthy but I am rich because I love what I am doing. I look forward to each sunrise and sunset. I look forward to picking up my fountain pen and letting my words flow onto the paper, it is happiness. When I received the first copy of my book “The Italian Thing”, it was the same feeling as when I gave birth to one of my children. No, it is not a best seller but it is my creation and I adore it. I was thrilled with the wonderful reviews as well.
    I think everyone is an artist as long as they love what they are doing. I worked out of necessity but created three beautiful children and in return, I have the joy of their gift to me, my grandchildren. You are right all who love what they are doing are an artist. I applaud you for your choice and wish you much success. ☺☺

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    1. Hey nice to meet you. Doing something you love is the way to feed the soul. You don’t have to be rich to enjoy the little things in life that really give you pleasure and happiness. A life we can look back to without regrets is something I hope we’re all blessed with.
      Every piece I’ve written specially poetry is really special to my heart. Creating something is always fascinating whether it’s a baby or a book. Congratulations to you.

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  13. This is the most motivational thing i read today!! I got so lost into it!!! Made me think about myself! The line which hit me was “Something worth waking up at 7 in the morning. ” ..this is so right!!!Really….one has to be very brave to pursue one’s passion and i must commend you for being so courageous and so happy that someone is actually following the dreams!! Thanks for this lovely post!!

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