Spreading love my way! 

Recently, While invigilating A level exams, this girl comes up to me and thanks me for smiling at her throughout her exam duration, it worked as encouragement she said she was very nervous and somehow by giving her reassuring smile, i helped her perform better. 

2 other boys said similar things and unknowingly these kids made my day so much better!

With that fresh experience, I was preaching about being nice to people and giving somebody a compliment once in a while or maybe just smiling at strangers. A single act of kindness sometimes works as a beacon of inspiration. So it inspired me to do something more for someone. I feel like we don’t support each other enough. If you’ve ever seen Carl Sagan’s pale blue dot, you’d be reminded of how terribly small we are in the grand scheme of cosmos. We should be sticking together since all we’ve got is each other. 

So in my own way to spread that love, I decided to paint postcards with hand written notes on them, just friendly messages, to make the receiver smile.

If my effort encourages/inspires someone, what more could I ask for? Even if it doesn’t, a smile would be enough for me! Some might think I’m crazy to put so much time and effort into a task that doesn’t repay, doesn’t matter to me. I’m doing my part in spreading good vibes.

So these are some of the postcards I made. The back side of each postcard has a hand written message. Will be putting out these along my city randomly for people to find, haven’t signed them for anonymity. If you live here, you might get one too. 

Only you guys know now, hope you’ll keep my secret. 😉




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  1. Lovely initiative!! And beautiful thought! We need more such things these days. Liked your postcards and the efforts you put into them 👍 wish i could get my hands on one of them🙋. So you are a teacher?

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  2. The postcards are lovely, Manal 🙂 And, that’s a really good idea – nice way of saying “smile at a stranger and make his/her day worth it. 🙂

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    1. Then I can send you one virtually. There’s one with birds sitting on a wire that says
      “A little reminder that you’re never alone. That’s the scheme of cosmos, all you have to do is reach out a little.
      Reconnect with your family and friends. There’s always another who feels the same way you to. If you reach out you’ll know.
      We’re all in this together.
      Have a wonderful day ahead .”


      1. I have been in that sinking ship. Last September as a matter of fact. I was hit so hard with something I never expected it knocked me down almost for good. God picked me up and brushed me off. Almost literally. I have seen the darkness and I’ve seen death up close. I know where peace is and I know that the only way to truly be at peace is Abba, and Christ.

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  3. Great effort Manal!!
    Wish others get inspired to do same.
    Otherwise people just like to write abuses and mean remarks around for others to read.
    Smiling at others is great for when someone smiles back it’s very comforting. I used to go for regular walks sometime back and used to smile at kids, old ladies and people who looked like they needed one. It was great to see a busy or stressed out face turn into a smiling one.
    👏 For your generous deeds!!

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    1. I know what you mean! Their face lights up and the kids are the best, they’d blush at times or give a shy smile back. It really keeps the heart light and peaceful. I think smiling in one the best exercises!
      Thank you btw I hope that too. 😊😊xx

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  4. The cards are truly a lovely idea. Your post reminds me of the poem “I’ll let my head be just in sight . A smile as small as mine may be precisely their necessity.” By Emily Dickensen Thank you for this post it made me SMILE!

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  5. Still Searching for these post cards 😛 didn’t get one 😦 😉 although i need all of these as you have very beautifully painted these post cards 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 keep doing this creative work 🙂

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  6. Ha…I thought I was the only goofy girl out there 🙂 – I love this idea and the one you did of leading the camel is beautiful…maybe we can see it bigger? 🙂 I had SMILE cards made up before to pass out and kept granola bars in my car to hand to the homeless but I need to replenish my granola bars now as I just passed out the last one yesterday. I wish more people would do what you are doing and the fact that you are hand creating them is such a kind hearted thing to do!!! God bless you!!

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    1. That’s awesome! I bought socks and jumpers for the homeless kids. They’re always running around in winter without them. I can’t stand the thought.
      It’s amazing to know somebody out there is trying to do something as well! This is great. I wish more people would see this.
      You’re doing a really good thing. Good job girl! God bless you too. 😊😊

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  7. This is such a good idea! Bless you and your kindness, those cards could change someone’s life, or at least make their day. So thank you on their behalf x

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