Alert: Our Collaboration is Back with “Strength”!

This is a brilliant initiative by one the most kind hearted and amazing bloggers I’ve met. So exited to be a part of it this time! Shout out to @Nicolle for remembering me and helping me become a part of it.

Stories of a Highly Sensitive Introvert

collaboration-strength-595x479 As with before, fellow collaborating blogger Tajwar made this movie poster-like cover picture! 😀 [🖼❗] If you followed me a few months ago, you might have seen my first post introducing the collaboration and also my own story on the themed topic of loss! As I previously mentioned, Collaboration with a Purpose is a colaboration of several bloggers (this time 12 of us!) and we will all publish posts about the same topic on the same day. 😀

As the title of this post already mentioned (I need to stop posting spoilers in the title 😆), we’re back with another collaboration and this time the topic is “Strength”.💪💪💪

Why strength? Because it’s also a topic that applies to everyone, i.e. “When did an event make you stronger and how?” or about strength in general. 🙂

So, like a movie trailer that gets you all excited and wondering…

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