What exactly is strength? Something that pushes you to go the extra mile, drives you to be more than you already are? Stand tall in the face of a disaster or be the bigger person? Or somebody holding your hand, telling you you’ll prevail.

Strength to most of means our drive. Can be physical or emotional or spiritual. I asked my friends what gave them strength, just to compile relevant information to write this. Most of them said their strength came from other people, their parents, spouse/partner, friends, even kids. That can’t be true for all of us. Since one persons strength can be another’s weakness. Love for example is a weakness for some, idea of being dependent and vulnerable while for someone else, love is motivation encouragement and support.

For me, strength comes from within. Most of you might disagree but I believe my strength comes from my own mind. It’s a mental state of being. Sure, words of encouragement and support from people can fuel it but I’m the one that creates it with my experiences and learning from mistakes.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

-Fredrick Nietzsche

I think strength comes when you have weakness to tear you down. Like a knight in shining armour it shows itself when you need it the most. We usually only focus on the half empty side of the glass by focusing on the problems we face, we never stop to appreciate how much we learn from it.

I’ve always said that I don’t regrets anything in my life. It got me where I am, and though sometimes I feel it could be better, but isn’t there always a chance that it could be worse as well? So, where I am is good. And that takes strength, to be able to accept. Because I’ve learned that I can survive anything and everything I thought I couldn’t. No matter if I have somebody to hold my hand through it, or I end up doing it alone. I shall preserve.  Knowing this is what gives me strength. This is my drive. Christopher Paolini said “Without fear there can be no courage.” I say that without weakness there can be no strength.

Strength is a single parent.

Strength is unrequited love.

Strength is fighting a deadly disease.

Standing up for your rights.

Strength is your family and friends.

Strength is being bullied and going back everyday.

Strength is determination to do something.

Everything you do takes strength. It’s deeply woven in the fabric of our lives. We show strength every single day. How brave does that make it all? Did you ever think about it? This is like a spiritual question. It varies for everybody. But it’s important to know yours. So I invite you to think and share with me;

What does it mean to you? what is your strength?

This post is part of a collaboration for 12 bloggers. I’m lucky enough to be a part of this. Please check out what my friends have to say about strength.

Tajwar Fatma

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Jane Love

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  1. Manal,
    Very powerful! Thank you for sharing this. What stuck out the most with me is the ability for one to accept all of one’s past. That absolutely takes strength. Thank you for participating with us. Your words made our little collaboration that much stronger. ❤️​
    I posted the title of each article with the link to it if you want to use that to link to each article on strength.

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    1. Ipuna, thank you so much for making me part of the collab. It’s really special to be a part of something bigger than you.
      I’d love to check out what every body else wrote. Hopping over to do some reading. 😘

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  2. I definitely agree that we gain strength through adversity and every day we definitely demonstrate strength. It takes strength to keep getting up every day despite our shortcomings, circumstances, or perhaps mental road blocks some of us face.

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  3. Sure, words of encouragement and support from people can fuel it but I’m the one that creates it with my experiences and learning from mistakes.
    Yes! Exactly! That’s sooo true, Manal.

    Brilliantly said. this is truly a great way to look at strength. It comes from the mind. Kudos

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  4. For me strength is breaking and shattering because of life experiences yet choosing to bounce back to life again. Like you said weakness for some could be strength for the other. When I was getting emotionally abused by my mother in law and everyone suggested deal with it quietly and that’s the norm. I remember feeling helpless and sitting in office, remembering all the insults and criticism and crying in office out of sheer helplessness at the situation and questioning myself that if many deal with it yet go on with their lives without making it visible why can’t I. Now crying is considered weakness but I consider it a strength to accept your emotions and have the courage to wipe your tears and get back to work, get stuff done and negotiate with people for work related issues and getting back again to the same office next day with head held high despite knowing the fact that many have seen you crying. Crying is as insulting as a wardrobe malfunction and looked down upon but it’s just a body reaction to emotional pain and accepting it and keep going is my strength.

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    1. I’m so sorry about that! It is the norm to accept whatever in laws throw at your face if you want to save your marriage. I absolutely despise that.
      As for crying, I couldn’t agree more. It takes courage to show emotions and be so vulnerable and bounce Back from that moment to telling yourself you can do this!
      Emotional strength is the hardest to deal with.

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      1. Yes but I have stopped getting bullied in the name of norm. Happiness is too expensive to loose to emotional manipulators in the name of norm. Everyone should take responsibility of their happiness and put their foot down when it is needed.

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  5. Well done post Manal.
    “I don’t regret what I have done in the past” that’s the strength!! For me strength is something emotional power. Power to withstand mental and physical agony. Moment you are in control of your senses you are powerful.

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  6. Hi ‘Manal” thx for this wonderful post. “For me, strength comes from within.” Yes, I agree. Strength does come from within, but why is it within some and not others? Or is it in everyone, they simply need to tap into that sweet spot. I hope and pray that our blog posts reach a multitude. #keepwriting XXX

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  7. Strength comes from within, well said. It takes strength in each and every moment to get over life challenges. A strong post.

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  8. Thanks for analyzing strength in a nutshell, what a short but great post. This is where you hit the nail on the head “For me, strength comes from within. Most of you might disagree but I believe my strength comes from my own mind. It’s a mental state of being.” I totally agree with you on this, and I believe that true strength comes from nowhere but within. Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work, and stay blessed.

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  9. I love your different definitions of strength, but what struck me the most are: “Strength is unrequited love and Strength is fighting a deadly disease.” Truly strength comes in many forms. Keep on inspiring others with your posts.

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  10. Manal, I appreciated your post quite a bit. It does take mental strength to get through life, and you’re certainly right that one person’s strength is another person’s weakness. And without weakness, as you say, there can’t be any strength anyway.

    Bless you for writing this, and may you have an excellent day ahead.

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